Helping women investors make the most of all life has to offer

Your Life. Your Investments. Your Path

How many synonyms must there be for the word path?  The answer is at least 33 that we could find.

Here’s a few…aisle, avenue, walkway, footpath, shortcut. Have  you ever taken the wrong path?  When it comes to your investments are you tired of wondering, is this the right path?

At The Mueller Companies we are experienced in many areas of your financial investment well being, but probably the most important one is helping you discover your path, your groove, your route.  You see, we don’t think you walk on a particular path, or that you should walk the same path as the generation before just because that’s what you are supposed to do.  We want to work with you on the emotional side of your money more than the technical side because, as in any work scenario, the tools don’t change much, but how you use the tools can make finding your path a whole new experience that will help you stop wondering if this is, indeed, the right path.

So why would we work with you on the emotional side of your money?  Well, maybe ask yourself this question.  Has your path ever changed in life?  Of course it has, and at that moment wouldn’t it be nice to have a GPS, a map or Google Earth to just point you down the right path?  In reality, you need direction with confidence, a personal guide that can highlight the possibilities along the path.  Have you ever just walked a trail yourself and thought, "oh, how beautiful", and then gone back on that same trail with a tour guide who was able to point out things that you had walked right past the first time?

Let us guide you, let us work together with you to make sure you see the sights and get the right answers, no matter what path you find yourself on in life.

Answers. Do We Have Them All?

Do we have them all?  Absolutely not!  Even with 60 plus years of experience in so many arenas, we have wisdom enough to know we can never know it all.  So we genuinely research, investigate, and give to you everything we have learned and continue to learn each time we meet.  In this world of tech and social media, with access to more information than ever before, we have learned that people are overwhelmed with answers to questions they didn’t even have.  So here at The Mueller Companies we have become schooled in listening, learning about you, and presenting information to help you clarify all the answers and ask the right questions that are about your path in life.  We want to help you understand risk, patience, goals, time horizons and most of all honor your thoughts and wishes in life. 

It seems to us so many times people allow those with little to no experience influence their decisions about matters of investments.   We're not certain why this is, but we find that all too often it can cause a riff, even if it came with good intentions.  As times change, people have shifted to searching for answers anywhere but with a real human.  At The Mueller Companies we want to reassure you that, in our lines of profession, we are about exploring your answers and your questions. 

We want you to have a strategy you understand and believe in, and we want to actively manage that strategy.  We want to provide your GPS, your map, with an Investment Policy Statement that you use as your guide.  As we get to know your risk tolerance, we know better how to point out the opportunities and, with that understanding, what is a reasonable amount of time to get to your destination.  We will continue to educate ourselves to help you be aware of changes, follow prudent investment policies, and adhere to a code of conduct that will help you trust your path.